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What do I need to do to set up my initial evaluation for Physical Therapy at Peak Performance?

After obtaining an appropriate/timely prescription from a doctor, please call one of Peak Performance's eleven mid-Missouri locations to set up an appointment. An appointment time will be offered within 24 hours. Please arrive 20 minutes early for your scheduled appointment at Peak Performance and bring your prescription, drivers license, and a copy of your insurance card. Please wear the appropriate clothing to allow viewing of your injury or we provide facilities where patients can change clothes.

Can I go anywhere for Physical Therapy?

Patients have the right to choose their Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy company (exceptions including Workers Compensation injuries). Many doctors have a preferred physical therapist and they may encourage you to use a therapist with whom they feel familiar and comfortable. Peak Performance is happy to see new evaluations regardless of the Physical Therapy company name on the top of the doctors prescription.

What is the cost associated with Physical Therapy?

Peak Performance is proud to offer the most affordable rates in the mid-Missouri area. We are happy to bill private insurance, Medicare, and workers compensation. The total amount charged to a patient depends on the specific type of procedure and the length of time that the physical therapy activity was performed. Peak Performance does provide a self pay option only in cases where a patient does not have health insurance.

Is payment expected at the time of treatment or at the conclusion of treatment?

Peak Performance expects payment of copays/coinsurance/self pay at the time of treatment. This will ease the burden of medical expenses at the conclusion of treatment. In special cases Peak Performance works with Care Credit (Medical Credit Card company)to assist with expenses.

What is the difference between a copay and coinsurance?

A copay is a set rate by the insurance company that Peak Performance collects during each physical therapy treatment session. Copays vary greatly between different insurance companies and different plans. Copays are not negotiable. Coinsurance is the remaining portion of a bill that is the patient's responsibility. For example: In an insurance plan with 80/20 the patient is responsible for 20% of the billed charges. Peak Performance asks patients to pay a portion of this 20% at the conclusion of each treatment session. This payment is an estimated portion and the intent is for the patient to have a zero or minimal balance at discharge from physical therapy.

My son/daughter plays sports for a local school. Is it true that Peak Performance provides free physical therapy for local athletes?

Peak Performance employs several Licensed Athletic Trainers (ATCs) who work with local athletes to manage injuries. The ATCs will provide a free Athletic Training evaluation and may provide treatment for brief non-substantial injuries(2 visits maximum) but a doctors prescription and insurance coverage is needed for more involved or lengthy rehabilitation. The ATCs who cover the local high schools often do not have the time nor the space in their training rooms to rehab post surgical injuries to the prior level of function.

Can I be seen for Physical Therapy at Peak Performance if my insurance is not on your provider list?

Peak Performance is on most insurance company's provider lists. When not in the provider network, we may be able to see a patient for out of network benefits. Please call our front office staff or the billing office for clarification.

How long does a Physical Therapy session last and how often will I be coming to treatment?

Most physical therapy sessions last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the procedures performed). The frequency and duration of physical therapy is usually determined by the physician with a typical prescription including treatment 2-3x/wk for 4 weeks. Most patients are issued a home exercise program (HEP) which with consistent performance and compliance will decrease the time spent in physical therapy. We at Peak Performance attempt to foster self empowerment and independence when dealing with an injury.

Who will I be seeing at Peak Performance and do you offer any specialty programs?

Peak Performance employs Licensed Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants and Licensed Ahletic Trainers. The Physical Therapists are capable of seeing all injuries and many of our therapists have specialty areas where they have been trained (ie:shoulder, spine, knee, manual, etc). The Athletic Trainers deal only with sports based injuries which have occurred at any age. Peak Performance offers numerous specialty programs including: Industrial Rehabilitation, Med-X Spine Program, NCVs, Sports Enhancement, Orthotics, Sports Medicine, Interpreters.

Does Physical Therapy hurt?

Physical Therapy should not hurt for the majority of diagnoses but there may be a small amount of muscle soreness 1-2 days following an initial evaluation and the start of an exercise program. We encourage consistent performance of the individual home exercise program and the use of ice for 10-15 minutes post exercise. The patient should stop any activity that creates significant pain and they should call their physical therapist immediately.

Does my Physical Therapist communicate with my doctor?

Following an initial evaluation your therapist will fax a copy of the evaluation to the referring physician. They also fax all pertinent Progress notes and Discharge summaries. When needed a physical therapist may call the doctor for further clarification. It is expected that a patient inform the physical therapist of all upcoming doctor appointments.

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